Proposal Management

Proposal Management

We view Proposal Management as more of an art than as a means to an end as it involves complex processes, strategies, and team collaboration to be successful.

DSC provides hands on support for companies who need the expertise and desire to improve new business opportunities. Having significant and proven Proposal Management Experience behind us, we bring our clients a tried and true structured approach to this important part of their business.

DSC Proposal Management Method

  • Total Proposal Management - Oversight and Direction
  • Generation of Proposal Sections - Provide Subject Matter Expert Write-ups as needed
  • Red Team, Gold Team, Pink Team Reviews as needed
  • Strategy and Proposal Layout Support
  • Risk Mitigation Strategies and Plans
  • Bid Strategies

The DSC Proposal Management Method provides our clients a roadmap for success. Each step in the process is designed to structure your proposal so that it will address all the needs set forth in the bid.